Leaked Biden’s Supreme Choices

President Camacho firing a gun in congress.

Chuck Schumer was told by his Progressive base that he must do something. There is a Radical Supreme Court with 3 member put in by Trump. Of course we at DogFacePonia see nothing radical other than their inaction. Progressive want their progress towards their radical agenda and need to get to this one branch of government they don’t feel in control of.

Biden is making a list of his top choices. A Deep Cover Agent was able to obtain an early list. Here is what he has been come up with so far;

Merrick Garland – Biden was thinking “come on Man” when he was put up the first time and Mitch said no. Biden wants to keep Obama’s America going so what better plan than to give him a second shot.

Kamala Harris – Nancy Pelosi advised Biden to get her out of the way for some reason. This has nothing to do with the 24th Amendment.

Barrack Obama – What better way to living out Obama’s legacy than to allow him to ruin another branch of government.

Hunter Biden – No Nepotism here. He has a law degree. He knows more about getting off crime than anyone – avoiding drug offenses, losing laptops, tossing your gun in a dumpster. This legal genius has done it all without any consequences. Since the new agenda of this progressive Supreme Court will be to get peaceful protesters out of their prison sentencing for things like burning down Portland, who better to have on the court!! As a plus he knows where to get the best bagels.

Andrew Cuomo – He’s a star, even got an Emmy. Plus he is excellent at killing old people. This might not be good news for Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito who are starting to get up there.

Cardi B – Since the The Supreme court is no longer about facts but instead about feelings. Who better to understand the feelings of the “Woke” liberal idiots than one of the mob. She may have no legal qualifications but she is uniquely qualified to represent the Idiocracy we have become.

We here at Dogfaceponia are “Not Sure” what to say about this latest power grab. We sure could use someone like President Camacho to make our country less stupid.

Image From: “Idiocracy” (CC BY 2.0) by wetwebwork