Looking For A New Hope, Disney Makes Major Changes

Trump speaking by a podium with First Lady Melania and Mike Pompeo

Liberal producers have decided that even with the Horse Apple performances of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and little known actor, Hunter Biden, that the entire 2020 election may need to be Retconned. Disney was so impressed that it plans to buy the whole government. Disney may have had a rough time at the box office in 2020 but it turns out acquiring an entity $30 Trillion in debt is not all that expensive.

New characters are expected from Disney after they have completed the purchase of the United States of America. We here in DogFacePonia are not surprised at all by these events. It does seem that our counterparts at CNN are on the defensive and even fearing that the long awaited closing chapter , The Rise of Trump.

The Trump Awakens was loved by much of America. The strong economy and American first policies seemed very favored. The second installment, The America Last President, received harsh reviews from much of the American people, yet the MSM seems to praise it for its cinematic presence.

In The America Last President, Joe Biden does not seem to follow the track record of his long, long time ago existence according to many viewers. The other side is arguing how the amazing cinematic lacking of Joe Biden interacting with reporters is mysterious and powerful. Biden has followed the script and worked tirelessly to destroy the republic. This cinematic artistry has allowed for minorities like Hunter Biden (Crack Addict and Dead-Beat Dad), Kamala Harris (multicultural) and Rachel Levine (multi-genderal) to take the lead. Still, in the end of the movie Joe Biden transported himself to the White House via force powers few have been known to possess. Many believe that this may have happened via powers believed to be unnatural. We will just have to wait for the next blockbuster to know how this whole thing ends. We here in DogFacePonia are excited for the next episode, The Rise of Trump. All of DogFacePonia is supportive of the efforts to retcon The America Last President, happening in Arizona. We will need to wait and see but it looks like The Rise of Trump will just need to fix the missteps of The America Last President.

The Rise of Trump, seems as if it could be an amazing end to this mega-trillion-dollar undertaking, but Disney knows everything and can lead our new country, The United Disney States of America. To prove this Disney has made a solid commitment. Disney has promised to give every white cent earned to the developing nation of China. Disney also said that all the black cents would be sent to developing nations of Africa. Some people question whether Disney can turn a profit with the US Government. However, if they can just print money does it really matter. The title of this planned movie is creating a stir as Trump’s presidency came to an end before The America Last President. We here in DogFacePonia are optimistic about The Rise of Trump, still we must wait for an official release date that seems to change daily at Disney. In the end, we are strong believers that The Rise of Trump will be a blockbuster.

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons