Elon Musk To Buy Controlling Interest in Joe Biden

Elon Musk Commander

With the Twitter deal completed Elon Musk has his sights set on a new acquisition. Elon Musk cannot be president due to being born outside of the United States. So acquiring a President seems to be the next best thing.

It is unknown what the buying price is likely to be. However the genius behind the deal is said to be Hunter Biden himself. A Masterful businessman like Hunter Biden may prove a difficult task for even Elon Musk. It will probably have 420 in it, or a baby momma, perhaps a stripper baby momma. We know Elon has access to baby mommas, but Hunter is really into the artist amateur dancer type.

Even though an extremely high price tag is expected, the Biden family may not want to turn over records like the Hunter Biden Laptop and the Ashley Biden diary. These could very well be deal breakers. We are sure Elon Musk will want to see detailed financials; so he can see just how much he will get in return for his investment.

However, the arrangement will likely be very complicated and differ vastly from the current Joe Biden arrangement with China, Ukraine and all other unknown benefactors. The deal seems to be very time sensitive based on rumors of Joe Biden deteriorating mental state. Still it seems sometimes these deals go down for just a few Hunter Biden original paintings.

We here in DogFacePonia believe Elon Musk buying a controlling interest in Joe Biden could be a very good thing for the country. But, who are we kidding? It’s not really like it could get much worse. Though just thinking that may be a big mistake.