420 Is The Price What Else Could Elon Musk Buy

Elon Musk at the negotiation table

If is starting the look like The Twitter board does not love Elon Musk tender and prefers to feed him a poison pill. The Twitter Board greatly fears ideas like freedom of speech unless it comes from Iranian dictators then it is ok. Musk who styles himself a free speech absolutist just isn’t what they are looking for. Plus apparently Musk’s offer to pay them nothing to be on the board isn’t sitting right with them. Sure he would buy their stock, but where will they get a job that pays so well to basically produce nothing? Not only that be they get tell people what they are allowed to say and who is allowed to say it. If it doesn’t work out here are a few other things Musk could consider.

What else could Musk Buy?

  • Twitter’s Headquarters – If they wont sell The company maybe Twitter will at least part with it’s useless headquarters. Since nobody goes there maybe Elon Can turn it into a Homeless Shelter. Maybe $420 would get this deal done as long as Elon agrees to not pursue a hostile take over.
  • A Hunter Biden Original – Though it may not even be worth $4.20. They undoubtedly will want to charge $4.20 Million for it. Then you will need to spend $30,000 a month to “Protect” it. This may seem like a lot but Elon and apparently China can afford it.
  • CNN Plus – If Musk wants to get into media he could buy CNN Plus. . As an added bonus he gets to fire Chris Wallace. The only problem is that nobody watches it. We recommend an offering price of $4.20. Then he can have the joy of shutting it down.
  • DogFacePonia – Musk could buy DogFacePonia, I think we would sell for the right price. Don’t worry if he bought us we would still produce the same quality work we always have, just with a new owner. Plus who wouldn’t want to add a high quality product like DFP Oil to the portfolio. We recommend a price of $4.20 per share. With 1 million shares it could be a good deal for everyone. Unlike Babylon Bee we are still somehow allowed to be on Twitter.

We here at DogFacePonia fully support free speech and the whole bill or rights. We are not sure if Elon Musk can save Twitter but It couldn’t possible get much worse.