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DogFacePonia Disappointed That it Has Not Been Banned by Twitter Yet

In recent times. we have seen many brave heroes banned by Twitter. The Babylon Bee was suspended because they dared to give a man an award for being Man of the Year. Tucker Carlson was banned for mentioning that the Babylon Bee was banned. Charlie Kirk and of course Donald Trump have been banned. The Twitter Cell is getting large. Strangely, the President of Russia and the Ayatollah Khomeini still have accounts because they never called a man a man.

DogfacePonia much to our dismay has not been banned. Sure we have been temporarily suspended. One time we decided to respond to the Palmer report explaining to them just how full of fecal matter they were pretty much everyday for a week. The Palmer Report blocked us and we were suspended for a week. Then we fact checked every fact check the New York Times did in the presidential debates one by one. Strangely we found ourselves suspended.

These stunts were fun but really we were hoping our content might get us banned. We totally wrote stories about SportsMan of the Year Lia Thomas and even announced how Russia had cured Covid. No luck, I guess our disinformation wasn’t enough for Twitter. Interestingly, we are rated as the number 2 conservative satire on the web. We guess this makes us number 1 on twitter. Maybe they will eventually find us eventually. We look forward to it.

Image From: “Pony” (CC BY 2.0) by tm-md


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