Recognizing Two Scientifically Impossible Male Achievers

Swimmer way in font

We here in DogFacePonia want to give out recognition to two amazing people. We felt it was time to give special recognition to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to our understanding of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

Lia Thomas aka William Thomas (White Male)

The winner of the first ever DogFacePonia SportsMAN of the year award. Lia who stiles himself after Jackie Robinson (Black Man), has broken down many barriers. While Robinson broke the Color Barrier in Major League baseball; Lia broke the gender barrier, along with every record in NCAA Woman’s swimming and perhaps may break women’s sports permanently. This courageous individual has shown the world how easy it is for men to dominate women once again. One CNN reporter told us “It is difficult to find a more important figure to recognize as an icon for the Women’s suffrage movement. Women are so impressed by this man that many are left speechless; however it is completely clear Women are once again ready to be dominated by Men.” CNN has always been proud of boys who can beat girls. This makes sense as CNN has hired more sexual predators per employee than any other public company on earth.

Admiral Rachel L Levine aka Richard Leland Levine (White Male)

This man has managed to win the Woman of the Year award from USA Today. The Odds of a Man winning this award once seem impossible scientifically, but as parents always say to children nothing is impossible. The amazing achievements of this man include being appointed in 2015 to be Pennsylvania’s Physician General. Levine was nominated by Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Wolf (Also a White Male).  Then in July 2017, Governor Wolf (Still a White Male) appointed Levine as Secretary of Health for Pennsylvania. On March 24, 2021 the Senate confirmed the nomination of Joe Biden (White Male), to make Rachel Levine Assistant Secretary of Health. To look at him is to see the picture of health both physically and mentally. The mental focus and determination to beat every other woman when not even being one exemplifies true character and is surely a tribute to all women everywhere.

We here in DogFacePonia are completely sure this is exactly what Susan B Anthony (Female) had in mind when she became a leader of the Women’s Suffrage movement. It is amazing that somehow Susan B Anthony made it through life without changing genders after being such a pioneer in exploring how women suffer by lack of domination by men. At least now in these trying times we can be assure that Woman can suffer with pride once again.

Image From: “NCAAs swimming championships” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Amy the Nurse