The Story of the First Trans-Electric Car

Green Pontiac Trans AM

Sam was having difficulties travelling through life and needed a change. Gender seemed ok, so it had to be something else. Sam soon came to the conclusion that it was time for a new car! Sam has always wanted a car to be proud of. At first Sam, who loved the environment, thought that a Tesla would be best. Then sticker shock set in there simply wasn’t $50,000 to spare. Sam was sad but still needed a car. Sam’s Friend had an old Pontiac Trans Am that he was willing for sell for much less. So, Sam bought it.

Sam still wanted the electric car to help with climate change and save the world. He had heard green cars were good for the environment, so Sam painted it green. Next, Sam replaced all the lights with LED Bulbs to make it more energy efficient. That was when the light bulb went on for Sam. This car was electric, as bulbs require electricity! Then Sam heard that Electric cars had problems with AM radios. Sam took a big step and had the AM radio removed and now the Trans AM was simply Trans. Next Sam got a bumper sticker that said “Electric” and put it over the AM in the Trans AM decal and the transition was complete. Sam then fully believed that the car was an Electric car. In fact, it was even better it was the first ever Trans Electric Car. This is where a Journey of discovery unlike any other began for Sam.

Sam’s Journey

The first step Sam took was to go see a psychologist to explain their feelings. Thankfully the psychologist was an affirming psychologist and was able to reinforce the solid foundations for Sam. Sam was making great strides and the world did not seem so hostile. After this, Sam had found strength, now no longer felt bad parking in the electric vehicle parking spots. Sam was able to get regular identify affirming gasoline injections that made things better.

Time moved on and Sam still wanted more. So, Sam applied for the government rebates for electric cars, Sure the rebates were reserved for new electric cars. But Sam didn’t see why that didn’t apply here. The car was new to Sam and Sam identified it as Electric. Isn’t that all that really mattered? Sam felt deserving of the government money. So, Sam took it off when filing taxes.

At this point the hate from people had increased. The State Government wanted intrusive appointments for emissions tests for the brand-new electric car. The IRS was planning to audit Sam. Reality People as Sam referred to the haters, with distain, also people would scream obscenities at him for parking in the wrong parking spot. Sam would always just point at the bumper sticker. The hate from other electric car owners hurt the most. How could they not see his car for what it was. Unfortunately, Sam lives in a reality that does not offer Mechanical affirming care in these types of cases. It seems likely that Sam will need to make the move to a different place in the multiverse.

We here in DogFacePonia are shocked that Sam is not allowed to identify his car as he pleases. So many government restrictions and these Reality People sound just horrible. We would normally suggest Sam visit a psychologist, but it seems they might have mistreated the problem the first time. Maybe Sam needs a new car.

Image From: “Green Pontiac Trans Am” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by MGSpiller