IRS Gun Tax

Woman with Gun Money

Now that the IRS is getting 87,000 new agents it has some plans to raise income. They need to justify their salary and so new taxation is on the way. Congress is now exempt from audits. So their initial plan to target conservatives in Congress is off the table. They can however, still target those not in congress.

A new plan was forged to just tax guns. You might say, of course, they have been doing this for years with fees and sales taxes etc. Thought largely IRS doesn’t get this money it goes to state and local governments. The IRS just wants it’s cut. They are looking to put in a yearly maintenance tax on your guns. The bigger the gun the higher the taxes. Assault Rifles (whatever they are) will be taxed at higher rates. Bee Bee Guns will also be taxed if they look like real guns.

You will need to register your guns with the IRS and pay a tax per gun you own, per year. If you don’t pay your taxes, they will come to your house and collect your guns. This is really everything the government has dreamed of. The government wants to confiscate guns but has had a tough time due to the constitution and the second amendment getting in the way. So this new plan will help them to confiscation guns, if taxes are not paid. They also assume some people will simple give up their weapons to avoid the taxes. Biden is planning to ask Beto O’Rourke to oversee this after he loses the Texas Governor’s race. If you are feeling you have been assaulted, remember only people can commit assault, not rifles or taxes.

Some are expected to argue that taxes infringe on their 2nd amendment rights. John Roberts has agreed to say it is not a mandate just a tax. In the meantime, if rich people like those in Congress, for instance, want to pay armed guards who have guns, it is perfectly ok. Guns will now only be for the rich and powerful willing to pay the tax. That and criminals who don’t follow the laws.

We here at DogFacePonia now know why the IRS needs 5 million rounds of ammo. In unrelated news, the National Archives is looking to hire new armed agents. They will be ready just in case you mishandled documents like your gun registration or tax forms.

Image From: “Kristen: guns and money” (CC BY 2.0) by scragz