Biden Approval …. To Infinity and Beyond ….

Buzz Lightyear

2020 to many of us seemed a year of impossibility. It was infinitely stranger than we all could have believed. But 2021 may be beyond 2020. It seems the very fabric of Mathematics and Economics is broken. And There Seems To Be No Sign Of Intelligent Life Anywhere. Emperor Zurg is taking over. One Poll showed him at 63% Approval

  • Portland Murder Rates up 900%
  • National Debt up $4 Trillion
  • Stock Market Down, Stock Market Up
  • The East Coast lost its Gas.
  • Russia is hacking us. (And building pipelines)
  • China is sending viruses our way.
  • Golf is the most popular sport

Biden Approval Up Up Up. The only Correlation we can see is between his ratings and Malarkey. Biden You Are A Sad, Strange Little Man, And You do not have My Pity. Tim Allen is no longer Buzz Lightyear. (Gee, I wonder why)

What are Biden’s Greatest accomplishment? Not being Trump? Being quiet on Twitter? Not having news conferences? Is there a way to get Biden’s Approval higher (without LSD)? We think not. You might need to make up new numbers which makes a bunch of sense.

To participate in the most recent polls you needed to watch Biden’s speeches. Of course only 10 million of 350 + million American’s watched his speech to the Congress so it was a totally accurate survey.

Normally we at Dogfaceponia would suggest approval ratings can only go to 100%. Yet dead people voted and mail in ballots seem to have appeared out of thin air so why not go higher?

Biden Approvals are at 4 Trillion % 1 for every dollar he took from the tax payers. Wahoo!!!! Luckily his popularity is not indexed to the number of illegals crossing the border.

Why should Biden limit himself to artificial constructs like reality (or mathematics)? We are not sure he can count anyways. With the help of CNN made up Polls, Biden can push his approval rating To Infinity and Beyond just like the National debt.

Image From: “To Infinity And Beyond! It’s Buzz Light” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Castles, Capes & Clones