Biden Demands Different VP Choice

We have come across leaked information here in DogFacPonia and Joe Biden is demanding a new VP, because she does not smell quite right to him. His advisors proceeded to tell him that you cannot unpick a running mate; it will make you look indecisive. After more deliberations, Joe was mad having Harris on the ticket, after just learning Harris called him a racist and a rapist.

Joe Biden asked why no one told him about the degrading remarks. Report to this inside source said they were extremely confused as Joe Biden was on the debate stage with her at the time.

Then after some thought, an aide fresh out of college said, “well you could just say picking Harris was a joke for National Presidential Joke Day. Joe Biden said, “There is a National Presidential Joke Day?” Quickly all the Aides verified that August 11 is truly National Presidential Joke Day. Then Joe said, that is prefect Harris is a Joke. Everyone will buy the explanation.’

Joe Biden then said “Come on man, we need to pick a new running mate, how about this Kamala person she smells nice.”

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