Bikers To Save America

Trump brings bikers to their knees. Antifa failed to bring even one Hells Angel to his knees.  This is probably because Bikers are not afraid of an idea. Bikers are not afraid of Lebron either or any of his henchmen. In fact, they are not afraid of anything including Covid-19. DogFacePonys and Motaurs around the world are having a prayer protest at the same time.

When cops tried to break up the praying bikers, they said Trump called on them to protest.  The men in blue joined with Bikers to pray in protest. There is nothing scarier to Police than thousands of Bikers on their knees. The protest ended when someone played The Star Spangled Banner and the so called anarchists had to stand up. Even some who believe in chaos believe in our country.

When I was young, I didn’t really understand Bikers and admit I was a bit afraid. Still, there was a certain special kind of freedom and respect I recognized in a Harley even at 10 years old. That freedom has come to life. Bikers will not stand by while Liberal Antifa and their friends tear down their freedom and ours. Yet, many find time to take a knee to pray, for our president.

Though I have never been on a motorcycle in my life and don’t understand a biker’s life. I can still respect the idea of freedom, and we lived it, we all want it in America. I will kneel down (but not during the national anthem), standup and fight alongside Bikers for Trump and for America. It’s a funny world where I have more in common in my heart with a biker than my dumbass neighbor with a Biden sign (It’s an Obama sign for 2012 that he put back on his lawn). We need dragons, the scary monsters that make us kneel for a reason, fear, not an idea. Our nation was born of the idea of freedom and a reason of prosperity. Now, it has grown to a world power.

I trust any biker before a brainwashed liberal trying to force me to wear a mask and shut down my church. A Biker knows that murdering Babies isn’t acceptable, that a man is a man and a woman is a woman (not one of 42 genders). America needs saving. Maybe we need to turn to people who understand freedom or maybe we can not find DogFacePony Soldiers.

We here in DogFacePonia believe something has been lost in the dragons, the ponies and politicians. Bikers even need to choose a side and it is the side of law enforcement??? Back the Blue.

Image From: “Bikers for Trump” (CC BY 2.0) by Tyler Merbler