Hells Angels to “Save” Portland

The Portland peaceful protesters (Antifa) have refused to kneel to the Patriot Prayer Group and in fact, a member of the Patriot Prayer Group was shot and killed. Portland Mayor Wheeler has returned to office from his stay at a re-education camp.  Mayor Wheeler said “We have to give protesters what they want so we are sending the police home. This move will save the city a significant amount of money “

He has refused to allow the Federal Government to send the National Guard to calm Portland. To counter this, the Hells Angels have been called in to clean up Portland.  Defund the police has given way to fund Hells Angels. A clean-up Portland GoFundMe account will be set up soon. Another chapter of Hells Angels is going to Kenosha to protect the President when he goes there on Tuesday.

The Hells Angels are providing new educational opportunities to Antifa including offering scholarships to Kaepernick’s Kneeling School.  These fearless Patriots are also providing demonstrations on crowd control and on giving them Hell instead of prayer to the local law enforcement. Trump has since been asked to send in the National Guard but says he is honoring the Mayor’s refusal. He believes in the Hells Angels more anyway. It seems like defunding the police may work out OK after all.

Image From: “Gypsy Joker Protest Run” (CC BY 2.0) by Roy Lister

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