BLW Opens Chain of Spray Tanning Booths across America

Cartoon man half black under shower head

Coca-Cola Backed Spray Tanning Booths are the Answer to Whiteness. “We are trying to help people be less white,” stated Coca-Cola representative Angelo Robins. BLW recommends using the BLW Exfoliate prior to your tanning event. “Sloughing off old skin cells creates an even base for the tan to adhere to.” Robins went on to say that there were a number of shades to choose from, including Caramel, Carob, Mocha, Chocolate and Ebony. “You can choose a shade to compliment how woke you are.”

A number of celebrities have jumped on board the tanning craze, including Joy Behar. “I’m telling you, it’s been so embarrassing,” said Behar. “here I am, sitting next to Whoopie and the contrast is so obvious.” The host of the View went on to say that she had gone through years of therapy because of the pitiful amount of melanin in her skin. “but now, with this wonderful application I can enhance my wokeness with a suitable skin tone!” Behar reportedly went with Caramel and is now considering a curly perm.

Image From: “Spray tan” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by fancycwabs