Subliminal Messages in Captions Inciting Tensions

Closed Captioning Symbol

Bad captions not racism, xenophobia, etc. are responsible for tensions.  Children are making excessive noise which parents are unused to.  People staying at home with their children have been turning on the captions in order to get the news. What was being said was often not even close to what was captioned. Try and figure them out before you read on.

Explain how defunding the police will assist in “rhyme prevention“? And why do we want to prevent rhymes anyway? I guess that would be good to defund.

There are more than 1 million “cold Asians” in the United States. Apparently, China was responsible for the Covid-19 virus resulting in those “cold Asians” coming here. The speaker mentioned Covid patients which is a bit far off.

 “Purse Anal” protective equipment was cornered by China. Protecting your purse with PPE is definitely a novel approach to a novel virus.

We are “medicating” the virus in any way we can. Mediating the virus could be more effective.

New “self-swapping” tests are available and are very useful. Who are people swapping their tests with? Swabbing would be better.

Using CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) with hydroxychloroquine on coronavirus has shown promise according to Trump but really using a ZPAC as doctors suggested would almost certainly work better. This also suggested the drug was Conservative(Republican) resulting in widespread condemnation of its use.

The House orders Pentagon to reveal whether it turned ticks into biological weapons and to find out if it contributed to the outbreak of Lyme disease that’s currently ravaging the country. But the screen captions showed “Climb disease”.

Booty Judge” was running for President. Really! What was being judged? Inquiring minds want to know.

Image From: WGBH / Public domain