Cunningham gets a Weiner Trophy

Cal Cunningham (D, North Carolina) has won a coveted endorsement for Senate from CEO Anthony Weiner, formerly a Representative from New York. Cunningham, the Democratic challenger in North Carolina’s closely contested U.S. Senate contest has admitted to exchanging sexually suggestive text messages with a woman who’s not his wife, but he said he will not drop out of the race. Weiner is again, basking in the political limelight.  A Weiner participation award will be offered to Cunningham and all members of Congress who continue in Weiner’s sexting footsteps – open to both sexes and Nancy Pelosi.

The Weiner School of Sexting exposed the fact that it has been teaching Cunningham. Cunningham is Weiner’s prize student. It is unknown how many students Weiner has but the school is ready to rise up. Weiner also gave him a copy of his new book Sexting for Dummies. Weiner is offering to provide advanced training for Cunningham in best practices for sexting.

Authorities investigating Cunningham for sending inappropriate e-mails found Hillary Clinton’s e-mails on his computer (including sexting from Bill). The FBI thinks they may have been imported from Weiner’s laptop to hide them from the FBI. Fact Check have been unable to verify if Weiner and Cunningham have had a long standing relationship. Cunningham does however have a Weiner Top Dog Trophy in his residence.

Wayne Goodwin, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, said that the race is about “which candidate will stand up for North Carolina and protect our healthcare.” It appears that Cunningham is a strong believer in safe sex in the age of covid-19. Any candidate endorsed by Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger, will get my vote. This could reshape a closely contested campaign that’s considered key to determining the power balance in the Senate. We here in DogFacePonia believe that what goes up must come down and now we have it from the horse’s mouth that Cunningham can stand at attention.

Weiner says “If Cunningham had a better name like mine he could cement his place in the history books.” He Continued “Cunningham is also missing his chance to just blame this on Trump in true Democrat fashion. Without blaming it all on Trump, Cunningham is missing the chance to insert himself in a hard and firm fashion for the Democrat Party.”

This will be a test for Cunningham. We will see in the coming weeks how cunning he can be. If he can find a way to push the blame on Republicans or Trump in particular and he can use that to get elected in North Carolina, The Democrats will be saying Hot Dog! This Race in North Carolina is gonna be a banger for sure.

Image: “Lots of Sausages” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer