Democrats All of the Sudden Become Anti-Vaxxers

There is a segment of the population that are Anti-Vaxxers. There are reasons for this including some past history of bad vaccines, studies linking vaccines to Autism and fear of government overreach and control.

In the past, liberals considered these reasons right wing conspiracies. They called those against vaccines “Anti-Science” and frequently labeled them as stupid or neglecting children. All of a sudden Democrats have seen the light. They plan to write a formal apology to those they may have offended and become Anti-Vaxxers (due to political expedience), The Trump administration is working to get a vaccine out in time for the election so they can stick it to the Democrats.

“Donald Trump is the worst thing ever and even if a few people die from COVID it is worth it to get Joe Biden elected” said a Biden Campaign staffer. “We wouldn’t even need a vaccine if not for Trump. We have never needed a COVID Vaccine before”.

The coronavirus vaccine must be unsafe (even if it passes all the trials the right way and is being created by large reputable companies) and Dr. Anthony Fauci said it will be safe.

Nancy Pelosi said “Trump is anti-science and his attempts to save the American people by getting the Vaccine are unbelievable.”

The Vaccine will likely cause you to turn into a Zombie and have the brain power of Joe Biden. Sure, in March, everyone said we wanted a vaccine to save the world. But now with the election coming we must refuse the great success as we want to wait so Joe Biden can do it instead of Trump. That way they can Blame Trump properly for more Corvid deaths. We also would not want this to interfere and cause people actually to vote in person. This is unthinkable and totally unsafe (even though it has been done this way since the dawn of the nation including during other pandemics).

So there you have it – Don’t take the vaccine because the Democrat’s have decided to flip-flop on things again like they do every day.

Image From: “American flag with syringe and Covid-19” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

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