DogFacePonia Rates January 6th Made For TV Movie

Sleeping Horse

In the days leading up to this event there was a lot of Media hype. Commercials were promoting the made for TV event. DogFacePonia felt it was important to assign a reporter to report on the spectacle.

Our reporter tuned in the hearing to watch diligently and report on what was to be a blockbuster. We also had several focus groups which we were to interview on their reactions.

Our reporter, unfortunately, fell asleep during Liz Cheney’s rousing 35 minute speech. She was rated second only to Biden at teleprompter reading. One of our focus groups was to be interviewed about their feelings but when we went live to their location we found that they were similarly asleep. One participant later said they would continue to watch any hearings on TV as they had insomnia and got good sleep during the hearings.

Another focus group had a viewing party. They played a game where you had to take a shot (we think they meant whiskey) every time Donald Trump was mentioned or Adam Kinsinger cried. When we checked in on them, the majority were either passed out or hugging the basin. We asked the few that were conscious why they chose to drink every time Trump was mentioned. As a reaction, they all downed a shot and joined the others either passed out or in the bathroom.

In order to report on the hearings we then went to Rotten Apples (ponies don’t like tomatoes). Rotten Apples Rating on January 6th the Made for TV Movie were as follows:

  • Critics Consensus: no consensus yet not enough critics commented
  • Apples Meter: critic ratings zero
  • Audience Score: User Ratings zero
  • Rating TV-ZZZZ

We here at DogFacePonia will get you the full review as soon as we find anyone that was able to stay conscious long enough to watch it. Nancy Pelosi is still holding high hopes of winning an Emmy. Liz Cheney is hoping for a higher than zero from Rotten Apples.

Image From : “Baked Pony” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by In Memoriam: me’nthedogs