AOC Hyper-Dumbonomics

Throw away your money, burn it, or better yet give it to me!

Look at the slaveholders on the coins.  Do you really want to have the image of Washington, Jefferson, or Hamilton in your pocket? Why is Lincoln, the most acceptable, on the coin with the least value, the penny?

Slaveholders are also on paper money. Melt down your metals and burn your paper money.  AOC has supported the elimination of fossil fuels as part of the Green New Deal. In order to pay for this extremely expensive program (est. $93T), AOC says we need to print more money.  The government is printing more money already because of the Covid stimulus but we will have more to burn when fossil fuels are no longer available. Thanks to AOC we will need it to heat our homes with burned money. That is a Win-Win situation. Print more money so we can burn less fossil fuels.

Biden is studying Maduro so that he can produce 1,300,000% inflation in just 4 years like Venezuela. There are 1600 bolivars to one dollar.  That can be resolved says Bernie Sanders. An inflation rate of 160,000% is well within reach. As the inflation rate climbs to 141,337%/yr, Venezuela is the world’s only country currently experiencing hyperinflation. They need US support. Why should only Venezuela experience hyperinflation?  We are the best nation and when we aspire to achieve a goal, we can do it.

In their defense, Venezuela’s main product was oil and as the world eliminates fossil fuels Venezuela has suffered rightly for producing so much. Venezuela’s petroleum is 95% of its exports.  They deserve their fate says AOC.  We will continue to eliminate fossil fuels so we and Venezuela can share economic nirvana.

The murder rate and kidnapping rates will undoubtedly rise as they did in Venezuela but that will punish people with white privilege. As you can see this entire scenario is flawless, what could go wrong?

The Most miserable ranking is a runaway win for Venezuela but is only an aspiration for the United States.

Image From: “Fire” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike Poresky