Even The Cicadas know Trump Won

Cicada on a Branch

In a recent event Cicadas delayed Airforce One by flying into it’s engine. It seems the Cicadas have been screaming but feel nobody is listening.

A renowned insectologist Dr. Isaac Densmore said he was able to translate all the deafening buzzing noises. “The Cicadas are pissed” Densmore Said “Most of the Buzzing translates to Trump Won. Although, some broods have different messages like Biden for Prison and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

These Cicadas are pretty upset. They have been buried underground for 17 years. When they emerged they were shocked to hear Joe Biden was President. When they went underground Joe Biden was just a racist plagiarist not President. They assumed he would no longer hold public office of any kind when they returned. Some Cicadas are concerned what the world will look like in 17 years when their children are above ground.

When they transitioned from Nymphs into adult Cicadas none of them decided to change gender. It was obvious to them that there are only 2 sexes and Joe Biden did not receive 80 million votes. These Cicadas apparently also have information on Dead People that left the underground to vote. They tried to sabotage Air Force One but only delayed it.

The Leader of the Cidadas said through a translator “We have Evidence of Election Fraud and nobody will listen. Until they do we will just keep telling everyone” As a result of all this the Cicadas plan to be screaming and making notice as loud as they can until they die. “We will not go Quietly into the night” said the Leader. Twitter has now banned Cicadas but they just keep on tweeting.

Image From : “Cicada” (CC BY 2.0) by Monkeystyle3000