Foundation Looking to Replace Confederate Statues with Statues of Richard Nixon

The Richard Nixon Foundation has been working with state and local governments to replace Confederate general statutes with Richard Nixon. According to the foundation Nixon is an underrated president who did much for Civil Rights and the environment.

They propose a plaque to describe his great accomplishments underneath a statue of his famous victory pose. It would say

Richard Nixon 37th President of the United States. Famously declared “I am not a crook“. Nixon defeated Super-Racist George Wallace in 1968 Election for president. Nixon ended the Vietnam War and established the EPA. Nixon aides attempted to bug the office of the most racist political organization in the country to stop their activities but failed.

Dogfaceponia found Nixon an acceptable president to have moments built according to current standards.

“We need to glorify great presidents like Richard Nixon who faced down racism in this country,” said the Director of The Richard Nixon Foundation

Image From: “American Nixon” (CC BY 2.0) by AK Rockefeller