All Presidential Monuments should be torn down besides Lincoln, Obama, Buchanan, and Nixon

Opinion – After exhaustive research Dogfaceponia has determined that Monuments are only allowed for 4 presidents and all other presidential monuments should be torn down immediately.

Allowed Presidents James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama

All other monuments should be removed, see reasons below.

George Washington – White Privilege, Slave owner, Male

John Adams – White Privilege, Hated Foreigners (Alien and sedition act), Male

Thomas Jefferson – White Privilege, Slave owner, Male

James Madison – See Above

James Monroe – See Above

John Quincy Adams White Privilege, Son of President who hated Foreigners (Alien and Sedition Act), Male

Andrew Jackson – White Privilege, owned slaves, Founder of modern Democratic Party (most racist organization in history of America), Terrible to Native Americans, Male

Martin Van Buren – White Privilege, Forcibly Removed Native Americans to Oklahoma, Male

William Henry Harrison – White Privilege, Slave owner, Male

John Tyler – White Privilege, Slave owner, Male

James K. Polk – See Above

Zachary Taylor – See Above

Millard Fillmore – White Privilege, Allowed Fugitive Slave Act, Male

Franklin Pierce – White Privilege, signed the Kansas–Nebraska Act, enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act, Male

James Buchanan – Probably Gay in the closet so despite being a worthless president you can’t say anything against him, Monuments are ok!!!

Abraham Lincoln – Emancipation Proclamation Monuments ok!!

Andrew Johnson – White Privilege, Slave owner, Male

Ulysses S. Grant – White Privilege, wife’s family owned slaves, male, Republican

Rutherford B. Hayes – White Privilege, Indian Removal and Wars, Male, Republican

James A. Garfield – White Privilege, President during party of Guilded age of rich white people, Male, Republican

Chester A. Arthur – See above

Grover Cleveland – White Privilege, Rapist, Misogynist, Male

Benjamin Harrison – White Privilege, From Mike Pence’s home state, lost re-election to a rapist, Misogynist, Male, Republican

Grover Cleveland – White Privilege, Rapist, Misogynist, Male

William McKinley – White Privilege, Colonialist and Imperialist, Male, Republican

Theodore Roosevelt – See above

William Howard Taft – White Privilege, refused to appoint African Americans to federal jobs, Male. Republican

Woodrow WilsonWhite Privilege, Segregationist, Male

Warren G. Harding White Privilege, Male, Republican

Calvin Coolidge – See Above

Herbert Hoover – See Above

Franklin D. Roosevelt – White Privilege, Put Japanese Americans in camps during WWII, Male

Harry S. TrumanWhite Privilege, KKK Member, Male

Dwight D. Eisenhower – White Privilege, Male, Republican

John F. Kennedy – White Privilege, Voted Against Civil rights act of 1957 while in congress, Male

Lyndon B. Johnson – White Privilege, Misogynist, Male

Richard Nixon – Enforced Desegregation of Schools, Defeated superracist George Wallace for the Presidency, Ended Vietnam war, began the war on cancer, created the EPA. Monuments OK!!

Gerald Ford – White Privilege, Male, Republican

Jimmy Carter – White Privilege, From the South, Male

Ronald Reagan – White Privilege, Male, Republican

George H. W. Bush – See Above

Bill Clinton – White Privilege, Enacted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Womanizer, The Emails, Male

George W. Bush – See George H. W. Bush

Barack Obama – Black!!!! Nobel Prize!!! Monuments Everywhere!!!!

Donald Trump – Not Obama, says mean things, White, Male, need 300 pages to list all grievances.

Image From : Return to Mount Rushmore” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by John McLinden