Inclusion Delusion

Bathroom sign saying be what you want "just wash your hands"

New inclusion standards are being developed in the area of credit cards because the current standards are clearly racist and not inclusive. As hard cash is being eliminated, minorities are being restricted from many places which no longer accept cash. Even Wendy’s and McDonalds are adopting no cash policies in a white supremacy effort.

Too many minorities are unable to meet the threshold income to get a credit card.  IDs are required and should not be as they are racist. If you don’t need an ID to vote why should you need one to get a credit card. This is credit suppression. Minimum qualifications for income also are racist. Credit cards should be approved automatically for minorities and homeless citizens in order to assure they have access to the French Laundry just like Gavin Newsom. Equity demands inclusion.

Mortgage loans are another area where inclusion should be expanded to help minorities buy houses.  What could possibly go wrong? Think mortgage crisis.

The Army is also letting its hair down a little, so to speak, announcing several changes to grooming requirements Tuesday in an effort to foster inclusion and diversity in the ranks. We know that inclusive grooming standards help to foster and retain the best talent. They also foster intersexionality.

Uniform jump suits are being created for pregnant soldiers. Physical standards have been reduced because 65% on females could not pass them. Please note that inclusion is a delusion. Instead of maximizing our military strength we are merely satisficing inclusion.

We at DogFacePonia are demanding inclusion for our ponies and pony soldiers.

Image From: “Variety is a strength.” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Jamie McCaffrey