Kamala Harris Quitting!

Kamala Harris walking away

Republicans were extremely excited to hear that Kamala Harris is quitting. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of quitting they are hoping for. We are not talking about quitting on America, she did that long ago.

Quiet Quitting has become all the rage and it certainly appears as if that is what Vice president is doing. Maybe it is a logical decision for Kamala to quietly quit but it does appear to have repercussions.

Kamala’s remaining staff has been attempting to let her know that quitting for real is the better choice. It is nice to know that her staff cares about America. They suggested the best thing for the county would be for her to just quit. The majority of her staff has either already quit or is collecting a paycheck while quietly quitting. Which might have given her ideas. Some people just have slower learning curves than others.

It is hard to say that it is a job requirement to visit the border during a crisis. However, you would think the person appointed to oversee the border issues, might take some time out see the situation firsthand. Kamala quit on the border crisis before she even started.

Tulsi Gabbard quit the democrat party with a loud bang, and it seems all Kamala can do is cackle loudly like a hyena. Gabbard long ago in the democratic debates gave us an idea of who Kamala actually is. She explained how terrible Kamala was as a DA. Now she is worse as a Vice President. We are not sure if she is quitting per say or just displaying loud incompetence.

We here is DogFacePonia believe Loud Incompetence would get you fired even faster than quiet quitting. Then again Kamala’s boss is wondering around lost looking for children to sniff. We are guessing the only way she gets fired is not by Biden. We need to remember that when choosing a person for a role it is wise not to choose purely based on race and sex. Otherwise, the cackling hyena might just come back and bite you.

Image From: “District Attorney Kamala Harris at Ruth” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by San Francisco Public Library