King Cuomo of New York

In an Interview with King Cuomo of New York, “I always know what the people of New York think, that is why they elected me God of New York, I mean King of New York.” He continued raving about his Godly choices by saying, “I delivered a fantastic euthanasia program in nursing homes. I know even if Trump is a native, nobody wants him here and if he comes it will mean war. He really should just give us the reparation money we ask for, because New Yorkers are a tough people.”

The King went on to say, “Look Trump may have secret service and the whole US Military but come on against New Yorkers, Trump would be dilusional to come here. It is not like we are a part of the nation he is president of.”

Cuomo continued to Rant, “Look if its a war Trump wants, he needs to know who he is messing with and withholding aid from. We defunded our police and let lawlessness destroy areas of our city? Seriously we had to defund the police, otherwise crime would exponentially worse! Every intelligent person knows when you have more police there is more crime. Which is why we would really prefer to have zero police and zero crime, but this bully Trump thinks he can push us around.

In closing, Cuomo said ”I am sure CNN, which has no reason to favor me for any reason, will have additional unbiased information. Don’t take my word on it, tune in to CNN at 9 ET and watch as my unbiased brother give a non-political opinion, as to the actions of Trump.”

Image From : “Andrew Cuomo – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey

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