Leaked – Joe’s Inaugural Address

Deepcover Agents here at DogFacePonia have been able to get an advance copy of Joe’s Biden inaugural Address

Friends, Americans and Lyin DogFacePony soldiers I am here today to accept your nomination as Senator. Why does it say President on the Teleprompter?

Here’s the deal. I am going to save the soul of America,  whatever that means. Come on man we can Make America Great Again.  Is this where I make the gaffe or should I wait until later?

I am going to bring together all Americans including you Chumps and Deplorables. My emphasis will be on a three letter word, jobs, J-O-B-S. That includes for all black, brown, yellow people and women but not white men because they are Trump voters and white nationalists and need to be cancelled.

He’s gonna put y’all back in chains. Remember poor people are as smart as white people.

My primary responsibility as president is not falling asleep while speaking  and I have that nailed. I am going to pass Medicare for all because it is a Big F……. Deal like OBAMA Care. In fact, even more so.

I believe Trump should be impeached and never be able to run for office again because his stick is bigger than mine. 

I am mandating a national mask mandate with the exception of illegal immigrants. Those flying internationally must provide proof of a negative Covid test except illegal immigrants because they are not flying here.

We find these truth to be self-evident and you know, the thing. I call Malarkey on all those who don’t like me. I know food goes there and not my foot. I am as clean and articulate as Barack Obama.

As you can see our country will be in good hands after the Inauguration.

Image From: “Joe Biden – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey