Looking Back to 911

Today we are looking back to 911. The country was different then. For those who lived through it, they can tell you with intimate detail what happened that day. Never Forget.

After 911:

  • All people flew the flag
  • All people stood for the National Anthem
  • People stood together as Americans
  • People did not tear things down
  • People did not loot
  • People did not burn
  • People sang God Bless America
  • People went to church and prayed
  • People respected and admired police and other first responders calling them heroes

Things have changed so much we feel the need to tell you that this post is not satire.

God bless NYPD and NYFD. God Bless America.

Image From : “World Trade Center Lights Memorial 2010” (CC BY 2.0) by JulieFinestone