Love Song for 9/11 Opinion

I write because I love the freedom to write.

I hope you all read this and if you are here reading – share please.

I kneel to no man.

I will kneel to my god.

I love you all and understand everything you have been through. More than you know.

I could tell stories now or let you imagine your own.

Military veterans built this country, think of who helped you have your independence, your voice, and your freedom.

Remember every time you kneel to the Anthem, you disrespect the gift they gave for you.

It is 9/11, a day in our hearts, a day for first responders who did all they could and some who sacrificed all they could.

I don’t know if they were definable by anything besides American.

I feel we have lost that.

What they felt is seemingly tarnished by riots, burning cities, and anger.

We must remember those without anger to better ourselves.