MLB Moves All-Star Game Because of Climate Change

Hank Aaron Baseball Card

MLB has decided to move the All-star game to Denver. There has been some discussion that the new Voter Id laws in Atlanta are prompting the change. We here at Dogfacepoia are not so sure, maybe there are too many peaches or cows farting in Georgia.

Colorado has voter Id laws. They are different from Georgia but still in place. Are wild claims defending the Colorado law coming to a MSM theater near you? The circus will likely begin with many rounds fact-checking by the PC overlords at CNN and Washington Post. In Denver, voter laws are not racist against Minorities because Denver has almost no Minorities. The census shows African-Americans at 9.2% in Denver vs. 51% in Atlanta.

MLB said “Black people don’t like the cold and therefore won’t be restricted by Colorado laws.” Denver is perfect and after all Black people probably don’t like MLB any more than they like snow. Not to mention nobody there does the “Tomahawk Chop.”

MLB really doesn’t care about all the Atlanta Black Owned businesses that could have benefited from the All-star Game. They were trying to help Coke(based in Atlanta) be less White. Now White owned businesses in Colorado can benefit. There is probably way more money to be made in Colorado for MLB so why not jump ship. MLB might be getting back to it’s White Roots.

The number of Black players in the MLB has been declining. So why not get out of a Black city and move to a white one! Thanks to the CDC (based in Atlanta), Atlanta’s biggest black star Hank Aaron is no longer with us. The CDC convinced Aaron to use his celebrity status to tout safety of the vaccine. This was meant to encourage minorities to take it. It didn’t work out as planned (or maybe it did). Hammering Hank unfortunately could not be reached for comment. The MSM has announced they remain confident he will vote in upcoming elections. The MSM is also confident MLB knows how Aaron feels about their abandoning his home for equity purposes.

We all know it is not political at all moving a game from a Red state to a Blue state. The Blue state probably didn’t have more COVID restrictions and higher taxes. They certainly didn’t need a bail out from MLB, they already got one from the COVID Relief plan.

We here at DogFacePonia see the evidence differently, so it can’t possibly be about Voter Id laws or Race or trying to benefit the Black community. The choice to move to Denver doesn’t impact any of that. So the real reason must be that Hotlanta is too Hot for the all-Star game because of climate change. We have been told that white snow and maybe white people reflect the sun more. According to MLB and other Democrats unless we spend $2.4 Trillion on an “Infrastructure Plan” to fix the climate, the game must be played in cooler (whiter) Colorado.

image From: “Hank Aaron baseball card” (CC BY 2.0) by bsteve76