MLB Totally Voluntary Survey

Military members doing the Braves Tomahawk Chop

Major League Baseball is taking a survey of the fans attending each game.  They are asking the political affiliation of the fans. The survey is totally voluntary. When all the answers came back Democrat (63% of fans responded), they were confused and not sure what conclusion to draw.  They assumed that all those who did not answer were Republicans. Those tickets were immediately cancelled. That means those remaining drink Coke, bank with JP Morgan Chase and fly Delta. Is it any wonder that MLB has ratings lower than Biden’s? Biden still has Lincoln Project Republicans following him after all.

Delta doesn’t require any adjustment to their position on the Georgia law since they are cancelling all flights to Georgia. Since the All-Star game has moved to Denver, Atlanta workers can’t afford to fly anymore anyway. Delta’s motto will be changed to Delta gets you there (except for Georgia). A headquarters move to Denver is anticipated soon. Headquarters personnel have been unable to get flights except charter flights. Joe Biden flew to Georgia Thursday but is not flying Delta.

CNN also took a survey of fans in Atlanta and how they felt about the Tomahawk Chop. 90% of the people who answered said the Tomahawk Chop was racist and had to go. Those who were willing to go to a baseball game still and answer a survey from CNN amounted to 10 people total. The 1 person who said to keep the Chop was a Native American.

Our ponies are not allowed to fly as emotional support animals so we do not fly Delta. In the end, it seems the Liberal Plan is to Tomahawk Atlanta for the 1990s years when everyone did the Chop.

Image From: “Tomahawk CHOP!” (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard