CHOP Canceled

The Atlanta Braves are axing the Tomahawk Chop. One unmentioned reason for the change is the Capital Hill Occupation Protest or CHOP. CHOP was invaded in Seattle and lost their “country”.  CHOP  has been seeking to bring the Summer of Love to new cities and Atlanta came to mind with a baseball team already incorporating a CHOP. They were planning to set up a zone around Truist Park but the chop was eliminated by the cancel culture much to the relief of the Braves. The Chiefs are panicking and are looking to get rid of their Tomahawk Chop to avoid the Summer of Love. The Braves were spared the pains of an occupation like the one at Uberflush in DogFacePonia named C.R.A.P.

The Tomahawk Chop will be replaced by the YMCA song and dance. To encourage enthusiastic participation, those who perform the YMCA letters will be given deodorant provided by the newest corporate sponsor SECRET which picked the song. The song is appropriate since the Village People, who recorded the song, are totally uncontroversial. They are all inclusive (except for women) so it is unlikely to be canceled.

If the Braves ever change their team name and mascot, they will have 6 possible choices for a mascot without the disruption of changing the team song.

Image From: “Tomahawk” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by runran