COP/CHOP goes to Disney

Since CHOP was invaded in Seattle, the group has been searching for new cities in which to set up a new autonomous zone.  Protesters want to establish the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, or CLAT, in downtown Portland.  Their failure to recreate the Seattle experience has been blamed on the name.  They were successful at creating the Capital Resistance Automous Park or CRAP at Uberflush in DogFacePonia.  However, they were unable to occupy Truist Field and utilize the Tomahawk Chop because the cancel culture got there first.

They have now turned their attention to Disneyworld/Epcot.  Protester entered the grounds legally by paying admission.  They brought tarps and tents with them in backpacks whenever possible.  Once inside they appropriately occupied their own country.  Visitors found the attraction new and exciting. WORLD SHOWCASE: VISIT 11 now 12 COUNTRIES the advertising says.  In honor of Colin K, they have dubbed themselves Citizen Occupy Protest or COP and wish to adopt the Chop. It will become the COP Chop.

So come to Epcot this year to visit COP and celebrate the Summer of Love. Buy Kaeppernick pigcop socks and food delicacies.  Bars must follow Alphabetical Drinking Rules. Go to “Take a Knee” park area. Body armor strongly suggested.

Image From : “Not Creepy At All” (CC BY 2.0) by Orin Zebest