Summer of Love Jobs Report

Stocks rise after better-than-expected jobs report to close out winning week

Labor Department data showed that the U.S. added back 4.8 million jobs in June compared with expectations for a rise of 3.7 million and the unemployment rate fell for the second straight month to 11.1%. Economists were expecting a rate of 12.4%, according to Dow Jones.

There were job losses in law enforcement which are expected to be offset by increases in social workers, marriage counsellors and drug counsellors. DogFacePony Soldiers had work protecting monuments of Trigger and Silver.

There have been small gains in leisure and hospitality. Tent sales were up to support the burgeoning autonomous zones.  Porta-potty manufacturing and sales were strong.

Retail grew as peaceful protesters grabbed available merchandise and businesses had to restock. Gun sales surge because of protests, pandemic.

Construction was assisted by the peaceful protests which assisted businesses in remodeling. (whether they wanted to or not). Many spent their evenings roasting weenies and making s’mores as remodeling took place.

Agriculture was assisted by Bloomberg gardening in the CHOP/CHAZ zone in Seattle. It is expected to continue as the Summer of Love spreads to other lucky cities.

Overall protesters and CHOP were credited with the unexpected increase in jobs. NYC’s autonomous occupation zone is expected to continue to improve the jobs market in the future.

Image From: “CHOP Co-Ops” (CC BY 2.0) by derek.simeone