Nevada Giving Gamblers More Time to Place Bets on the Election

Carson City – Nevada has stopped counting in order to give gamblers more time to place bets on the election.

Governor Sisolak said “After the race got tight we wanted to give gamblers some more time to place bets. I have decided it is in the best interest of our state to allow more people to get in on the betting. It is getting a lot of excitement on who will win and that means more revenue for our state.”

CNN currently has the over-under at who knows. Polls show the line for a Biden win is your guess is as good as mine.  Craps and Roulette were suggested where one candidate had odd and one had even but there was a dispute as to which candidate was odd. We DogFacePonia casino have an opinion on that but there is no tell. Roulette has Trump as a double zero. Biden is doubling down on Nevada. The next results were to be released Thursday at noon.

We all know Trump will go all in to Make America Great Again Again.

Other states are trying to get in on the excitement too. Assuming Trump wins, Alaska is holding out in hopes of being the deciding state. Even though 60% of the vote is for Trump, they plan on holding out to make it official. Worst case scenario they plan to at least announce the last Senate seat.

We at DogfacePonia don’t know the odds but either way Vegas plans to win.

Image From: “Bet” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by lionel.roubeyrie