New Color for MAGA

News anchors and opinion people have finally determined the reason for Trump’s rather orange countenance.  “Orange is the New Black” said the president after hearing about the TV show. The president is courting the black vote and therefore in the future all campaign workers and government workers are to wear orange.  This includes but is not limited to orange ties, shirts & dresses. MAGA hats will now be orange.

Buy a new MAGA hat in orange as well as other campaign swag said the President.  This will have the positive effect of supporting the campaign and confusing antifa protesters. DogFace Ponies and Dogface Pony Soldiers are showing support for the president by wearing the new orange MAGA hats.

In other news, the TV show “Orange is the New Black” has seen a sell out in merchandise.  Representatives of the show categorically deny any relationship with MAGA or race.

Image From : “Orange” (CC BY 2.0) by Sonic7864