Halloween Costumes to Scare Liberals

With the election coming, we wanted to help you with some costume ideas. If you have more ideas feel free to leave them in the Comments section.

  1. Police officer – just get a police officer outfit and they will want to defund you! You might not get a lot of candy this way.
  2. Electoral college – No Idea how to dress up as this. However, if you can figure it out it is sure to trigger all the liberals who want to do away with states rights and allow New York and California to run everything.
  3. The Constitution – Maybe just order a shirt that has the text of the constitution. This has the added bonus that you can wear it anytime and trigger Liberals. Also don’t forget to wear it on Election Day.
  4. GHOST – Boo! It is a ghost and it is white (clearly racist). The Liberals probably want us to have you go Pacman and have multi colored ghosts. Stick with white.
  5. Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Just before the election you can go as Hunter’s Laptop for Halloween. It also can remind Liberals about the scandal right before the election. It is a huge win.
  6. Tucker Carlson – Probably nobody on Fox is hated more by liberals. He uses things like logic, truth and math. They hate that.
  7. Tin foil hat and shirt with a Q – This is brought to you by the Letter Q. They will freak out when they see you in the Q-Anon Shirt or with WWG1WGA on it. They will be worried and claim You must believe in crazy conspiracies. Interestingly, they all believe in the most scary conspiracy in history Socialism.
  8. Corpse RGB (too soon?) – Ruth will still vote Democratic in the election but no longer from the bench. Amy Coney Barrett will be the next Supreme Court justice. Trump and the Republican Senate are going to get this before the election. Let’s remind the Liberals. You could also wear a Red dress and go as Amy Comey Barret, particularly if you have a lot of kids.
  9. Proud Boy – regardless of the color of you skin because the Proud Boys are not racist in any way like the media pretends. Go to Walmart buy an American flag, an American flag t-shirt and a MAGA hat. Tell people you are a proud boy. This many flags will probably trigger them. This costume won’t work if you are a woman.
  10. A Pedestrian (not wearing a mask) – Be the scariest person on the block just look at the way you dressed to go to work or school in 2019 and go out to a Halloween party or trick or treating. Surely the police will be called on you which is interesting as they want to defund them. But then they can get an extra spooky scare from you and the police.
  11. COVID-19 – Dress up like the COVID Virus picture we are always seeing. But don’t wear a mask.
  12. DogFace Pony Soldier – Joe Biden will not be able to control himself. You Lying DogFace Pony Soldier. Glorious! Huge points if you show up to a Biden Rally dressed this way. All six people will be terrified.
  13. Re-elected Trump – They will be in tears, run away from you like you a some kind of scary monster. When he wins, they will probably look back and remember the tortures’ you inflicted on them.

Image From: “Jillian dresses as Donald Trump for Hall” (CC BY 2.0) by Nick Douglas