Portland State of Emergency: Too Many American Flags

Portland has declared an emergency. The Proud Boys are having a Rally in Portland today. Proud Boys love their American flags and wear it proudly. Lawmakers in Oregon fear that this might trigger some peaceful protesters to become 7% not peaceful. Of course these Liberals have been rioting for months and nothing was done. However with all these American flag haters(Antifa) and all these flags it could cause conflict.

Portland Mayer Ted Wheeler said “We passed a city ordinance that does not allow the use of tear gas by police. We thought this was a good idea cause our goal is to defund the police, this was just a first step”

There was some concerns in the mayor’s office however that Proud boys are conservative and it’s law should be It is Illegal to use tear gas on Liberals. There was no time to get the city council to approve this change so they reached out to the Governor for help.

Governor Kate Brown said “We decided to declare a state of Emergency so we can use tear gas to push all these Conservatives and their flags out of the state. This will help ensure that Mayor Wheeler and I can both get reelected.”

There are also some concerns that arsonists would want to start wildfires again if they saw American Flags. One Liberal Protester said “I am not really ok with The American Flag unless it is on fire.”

Another Said “I am a member of Antifa. Even though it is kind of Fascist of me, I hate the American Flag. Do you know it is racist because when it was created there was slavery in America?”

All of Portland is concerned as American flags and people who love this nation are there. This is something Portland is not used to.

We at Dogfaceponia are confused. It must be the flags that concern them because today was the most peaceful day Portland has seen in months. The city is actually was 114% more peaceful than usual. But it begs the question does Mayor Wheeler want peace for Portland?

Image From: “Some Flag-Waving” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Chancy Rendezvous