Rioters in Portland Confused They Got Arrested

Rioters who have been burning the city of Portland for 50 days were confused when someone came to arrest them. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is asking Federal Troops to leave. Mayor Wheeler said “We had everything under control, the city was only on fire for the better part of 2 months”

“The Police had been allowing them to do as they pleased for weeks. The Feds came and all the sudden people actually get arrested it is unbelievable” said Wheeler. Wheeler also said that the Feds should be held responsible retroactively for the preceeding 2 months.

One rioter said “It’s in the constitution. If I commit a crime for 50 days and nobody does anything that makes it legal”

Another rioter said “Trump is a fascist and so is anyone who who disagrees with me”.

A third rioter who was arrested said “I am contacting my lawyer this is a peaceful protest. The building was already on fire. I just poured some gasoline on it. This is totally within my rights of free speech. Oil companies are evil and destroying the earth and their gas deserves to be burned”

An ACLU spokesman said “This is unbelievable these peaceful protesters only attacked 15 buildings and shot fireworks at federal property. This is not a reason to arrest them.”

It has been reported that DHS and the border patrol are preforming the arrests and taking the rioters to undisclosed locations. This is typical procedure for how DHS deals with illegal immigrants.

Nancy Pelosi said ” This is an outrage, it is unbelievable that we would treat Americans citizens the way we treat immigrants”

Image From: “border patrol hassling us” (CC BY 2.0) by eggrole