New Guinea Invites Joe Biden for Dinner

Papua New Guinea Tribe

Relations with New Guinea and the USA are on a downturn. To reinforce the relationship Papua New Guinea would like to have Joe Biden for dinner. It is unknown at this time why they invited him for dinner rather than to Dinner. Some think this may have something to do with his uncle though that remains to be seen.

Hunter Biden was interested in attending. He is looking for some new business prospects and he heard talk of Cannabis. However, New Guinea appears to have requested that Hunter Biden not be in attendance as they feel his flavor may be off for the event. It is understandable as they do not want unknown additives in such a special event.

The relationship between Joe Biden and New Guinea is expected to fill everyone up. Ice Cream will be served for dessert in Honor of Joe Biden.

Assuming this Dinner happens; Hannibal Lecter has been nominated as the guest chef. Many in the State Department are questioning if Joe Biden should attend this event as his likelihood of being reelected may fall drastically.

We here in DogFacePonia are in favor of this event. We are unsure if we can stomach the main course but we knew that in 2020. The results might speak for themselves. If one meal can be stomached maybe all our problems would be solved.

Image From: “PNG currency now based on ancient shell” (CC BY 2.0) by gailhampshire