October Surprise Prize Awarded

Flowers and stuffed donkeys were sent to President Trump from adoring Democratic fans in appreciation for his winning the October Surprise Prize (OSP).  The President was expecting a Nobel Prize and was not even aware he had been nominated for the OSP.  Joe Biden could still win one even though it is customary for one to be all that is given, each election Season. It is unlikely he could Trump Trump this year.

Nancy Pelosi was annoyed that she was not nominated for the OSP, and is considering another trip to a hair salon. She told the President she would pray for him although she never said to whom she would pray. It has been rumored throughout DogFacePonia that Nancy only prays to Satan. Some have even suggested the idea of Antifa, is truly Satan trying to enter the world and requires fires to burns in cities to open the doors. Nancy Pelosi also said Trump’s behavior “was a brazen invitation for something like this to happen,” how sweet. We here in DogFacePonia believe this could be a coded invitation to Satan, though we have been unable to Fact Check it.

Tom Arnold shared Hope Hicks personal Cell Phone number. This loving gesture is allowing people to contact her directly with well wishes and forward them to the President, just like she forwarded COVID. Hope Hicks is rumored to be planning a trip to thank Tom in person.

Liberals expressed condolences all over Twitter. Some of the loving expressions of support were:

  • “You see Dumbass this is why you wear a mask.”
  • “I hope Trump recovers to face trial.”
  • “Now you can experience what 200 Million Americans have experienced.”
  • “Screw Trump he deserves this.”
  • “What Took so Long?”
  • “If it was anyone else I would be sad.”
  • “Can we still impeach a dying man?”
  • “Do you think he is really sick? Or is this just a lame way for this Psychopath to find Sympathy?”

Trump appreciated the loving expressions of support and wants to immediately meet with each and every one of them to thank them in person. Trump may be sick but with all these awards and the kindness of Liberals, I am sure he will recover soon and return to hosting huge rallies.

Keep America Great #KAG

Image From: “Usual Suspects” (CC BY 2.0) by Nanagyei