Pelosi’s Choice

Joe Biden is expanding his voter base and now has support in triple digits(from Pelosi who supports him 200%).  The big tent has added or reinforced the support of many new voters bringing his lead too over 100%.   Postal workers are seeing overtime cuts and layoffs. They are thus going to support Democrats who have included the Post Office in their Covid pork. All undesirable ballots are expected to trend to Biden. 125% of these ballots are expected to vote for Biden.

Pelosi loves Kamala Harris, because she was not born in America, it means Pelosi could be President should Joe not be able to serve his term out.

Kamala also brings in the bi-racial crowd because she ain’t black having not voted for Biden in the primary but at least she is a woman of color. She brings in all the Jamaican Americans and Indian Americans and women.  And this is a diverse group unlike Black people will vote for Biden no matter what. But Kamala brings back the aint black vote which Biden alienated.

Secret sniffers are believed to support Biden but are underrepresented in the polls.  This group is afraid to be identified but we have estimated them at 25% of eligible voters.

Kamala promoted the bail fund group that several Biden staffers also donated to. This group was to provide bail for peaceful protesters so they could continue to protest following George Floyd’s death. This has solidified the peaceful protest vote for Biden.

The group has since posted bail for multiple alleged criminals, including an alleged murderer and a previously convicted rapist.  Bail is seen as oppressive to people of color so this was a positive.  This was not necessary in New York because they are so progressive they just released all peaceful protesters (in fact all criminals) just because.  This secures the former incarcerated criminals as new supporters and counteracts the effects of Trump’s First Step Act criminal justice reform legislation.

In DogFacePonia, each pony soldier and pony received a ballot. This is a Biden stronghold (said a Lying DogFace Pony Soldier) and all are expected to vote.

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