Portland Sad it is Not the Top Riot Today

Much of Portland was sad today when they realized they were not the top riot in America.

One Protester said “We have worked hard to keep this riot going day after day because we want to be number 1. It was sad to fall short today but we will try to be number 1 again soon once the Breonna Taylor thing dies down.”

Another 93% peaceful protester complained “It’s hard to be the biggest riot day after day. It would help if the police would shoot someone here. Louisville, Kenosha and Minneapolis had an advantage even if the police were doing their jobs. Here the police aren’t doing their jobs so nobody is harmed but luckily the DA keep releasing people so we can keep it going”

Each of the Riots in America has it’s place

  • Minneapolis- Most Damage in a single weekend
  • Kenosha- Most damage per capita
  • Portland – Longest Continuously Running.

Portland was also left with only local protesters when buses took huge numbers of Antifa to Louisville in preparation of the riots there today. The Riots in Louisville had significant funding advantages after Breonna Taylor’s family was given $12 million in a settlement. |The timing was right too as the left wanted to be sure that Hunter Biden was pushed to the bottom of the news.

Portland is hoping to make it back to the top soon but only time will tell.

Image From: “Downtown Louisville 019” (CC BY 2.0) by Roller Coaster Philosophy