Putin Schools Biden on Cyber Security

Putin caricature with an oversized head

Biden met with Vladimir Putin. Biden told the media he was strong, threatening Putin with the full might of America’s Cyber capability. Biden will be able to use this Capacity as soon as they are done covering the irregularities in the 2020 election. He then stormed off whining like a crybaby because of unfair questions from reporters. Jill then gave him some gelato to make him feel better because ice cream was not available.

We obtained some inside information on the meeting between Biden and Putin from our Agents.

Biden said “Come man this is Malarkey, you can’t be hacking our infrastructure.”

Putin laughed and said “Just remember, I got you elected you Lying HogFaced Pony Sissy”.

Putin continues “Sure, we wanted Trump the first time but nobody wanted that lunatic Killary in there. Imagine if she caught Billy cheating with another intern again. It would be World War 3.”

“We had to go for you in this election. Trump made America too Great especially when it came to oil and gas prices. Thanks for shutting down the Keystone for us.” said Putin.

Biden in typical “America Last” fashion has of course done well to fix this issue for Putin. He has worked tirelessly to help Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela to get higher oil prices by destroying the American domestic oil industry. We are sure he is a true hero in those countries. Biden even delivered a list of targets for Putin so he would know where to attack. The Chinese and North Korea are also thankful for this helpful information.

At the conclusion of the meeting Putin then agreed to buy a few of Hunter paintings(with all the money he has made with increasing Oil Prices).

We here at DogFacePonia are just glad Biden came to the basement before he did more damage.

Vladimir Putin – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey