Reimagining Mail Delivery

United States Postal workers who deliver mail in some of Chicago’s more violent neighborhoods are halting their services after a second mail carrier was shot in the city’s South Side earlier this month. A day after the second worker was shot, another USPS employee was hit with a deadly paintball. The post office has advised workers to stop delivering in areas where they feel unsafe

Other cities with areas where there have been peaceful protests are expected to follow suit. The post office claims to deliver mail in rain, sleet, snow, hail and pandemic but not bullets and exploding mail trucks. This is a high risk job anyway with the rise in disgruntled postal workers. The Union of Postal Workers has come out in support of Biden (Nothing could be wrong with this) in hopes that it will get support from 93% of the peaceful protesters but so far the results have not been good.

Delivery of medicine and chicks (poultry) have been delayed.  People and chicks are dying around the country already due to delayed deliveries. The south side of Chicago has many chicks delivered dead. Hatcheries all over the south side of Chicago are unable to continue due to chicken mail carriers.

The post office mailed notices to the affected addresses to let them know they had to pick up their mail at the post office, assuming their post office has not been burned down or looted by peaceful protesters. There has not been any explanation as to how these notices will reach the addressees as Post Workers are doing the “Chicken Dance”. Will social workers replace/escort mail carriers to deliver the notices but not the mail? Mail delivery needs to be reimagined.

Image From: “Yes, they come in the mail” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by quiddle.