The Invisible Bike of Ottawa CA

Bike missing back wheel

The Invisible Bike of Ottawa Canada, or might we call it ‘the State just nuked itself’?

Normally, here at DFP, a joke goes a long way, and we love a good joke. However, there is no joke here!

What we saw tonight on Parliament Hill is sick, disgusting, cruel and cowardly behaviour by those who are supposed to uphold the law, order and protect the Citizens.

Looks like they are protecting the criminals in goverment today, and telling people that an invisible bike was thrown at their horse trying to downplay what really happened.

While protesting with the Freedom Convoy, a mounted police unit trampled an Elderly Woman (who may be worse off sadly, as early reports have it), with a walker and trying to cover it up by saying a bike got thrown at them. The cowardly nature of all of this is sickening.

No, we are not advocating for any violence. Not at all, but this does need a stern response.

What that response is we don’t have a great answer yet? However, many Americans are appalled by this tragedy, as are we, and our convoys that are not already there, are mobilizing to get there, as the word on the street is.

We send our support to our Canadian Brothers and Sisters, and we will continue to fight in the way we know how, by raising awareness of corruption and malfeasance to the World through our satire.


We are being told that the Indigenous Woman is named Candy which appears to be a nickname.

Here they say her name is Roberta Paulsen

I also found an interview with Roberta ‘Candy’ Paulsen, by Monique_Leal86 of Independent Journalism.

Monique_Leal86 of Independent Journalism indicates that Roberta ‘Candy’ Paulsen is an Indigenous Woman with the Mohawk Territory.

Image From: “Half-invisible cycle” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by quinn.anya