Keep on Trucking!

Canada Truck

Canadians are stuck in the seventies. That is why they have a Convoy but no one seemed to notice.  Maybe it’s an eighteen-wheel time machine. We still have yet to see one make it to 88 miles per hour to fuel the flux capacitor.

Butterfly Sanctuary Shuts Down over QAnon Conspiracy Theory. For a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists, the butterfly sanctuary is a site rife with human trafficking—a debunked suspicion that has led to so much harassment and threats that the sanctuary has now announced it’s closing for the “immediate future”.

The media has reported that the Freedom convoy was run by Qanon in hopes that would cause the convoy to shut down but to no avail.

The convoy started out as a group of truckers going for a drive and a picnic. Look what happened in Hungary in 1989. Their picnic changed the map of Europe. The convoy grew like a cancer according to Trudeau. It has to be stopped! Unfortunately, the deplorable truckers know where the power lies and are choosing to use it. These truckers are so deplorable Hilary would put them in a basket. Hilary has offered her expertise on dealing with these deplorables.  What could possibly go wrong?

The government is ticketing the participants and arresting anyone who provides food, money or gas. Tow trucks are to remove the big trucks but unfortunately the drivers are in solidarity with the truckers in the convoy. The government is following the USA Democrat playbook. They are calling the truckers insurrectionists that are guilty of sedition. They have trucks which are weapons of mass destruction. The courts in Canada are more proactive than the US courts. They have filed an injunction on horn blowing. Once again Canada is listening to the US experts so what could possibly go wrong?

We at DogFacePonia say Keep on Trucking! If all other avenues fail, we suppose they could always just burn down entire cities blocks. Which is just normal outrage that is completely acceptable. Clearly passiveness is no longer respected so burn baby burn and make sure you you color outside the lines.

In other news, the 1989 song Convoy is toping the charts again.

Image From: “Truck” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by michael_swan