Tru-No, Tru-Don’t

Justin Trudeau Charactour

True to his word or maybe not, Justin Tru-Don’t says Canada has enough vaccines to get all Canadians vaccinated. Although we believe him hands down.

Tru-Don’t appears to be using the Macron Equation of Threat plus Governmental power, times Tyrany Squared equals child Tantrum in the corner when his people ignore him and call him “Little Potato”. He reminded us of a certain North Korean leader. The only difference is no one is afraid of his missiles.

Now we at DogFacePonia are not above name calling but usually it is to pass the beer or get more pizza. However, potatoes can be delicious if eaten in the right way. Especially fully loaded!

In Tru-No style he often verbally retaliates as if he is fully loaded. Calling anyone that questions his man-dates as racist and misogynism. Even when they are also Women and Children. As everyone one can see the man-dates have work so well that the US has upgraded Canada. Canada is now ranks up there with Afghanistan and North Korea as dangerous places to travel. Tru-No, Tru-Don’t now applies to travel from the US. Should be good for the tourism industry. I guess no more Milk in a Bag.

Speaking of all this, we here in DogFacePonia fully believe in Freedom over Liberalism. We may not be fully up on our Family to our North, but we do know the look and smell of tyranny. We are being told not to go there.

Image From: “Justin Trudeau – caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey

2 thoughts on “Tru-No, Tru-Don’t

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  2. RobertViking says:

    The Ski instructor’s/Drama teacher’s intelligence took over completely just now, when he/she/it announced this:

    “”mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions””
    I’m pretty sure that that sentence is as bonkers as the “woke” blackfaced prime minister himself!

    Remember when he/she/it corrected a young woman who used “mankind” in an argument, and the Ski instructor/Drama teacher said she should use “people-kind” instead?
    The obvious problem with this woke rubbish is that “mankind” is a totally fine and established short for “human kind”. (The human race; humankind.)

    How the hell did this hypocrite black-faced clown end up in this position?
    The entire history tells us what’s happening when radical socialists take power.
    It always ends up with communism and/or fascism, corruption, loss of freedom, and societal destruction.
    EVERY TIME, no exception is ever recorded!

    How many times will people vote for this disaster-ideology and expect a different outcome?

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