Americans Better Run, They Better Take Cover

Ancient Australian Weapons

There are many Americans that are stranded in foreign lands.  They need the USA to not leave them behind.

Women are forced to remain in their homes. Men who go out are subject to severe beatings and imprisonment for as menial a crime as sneezing in public. Dogs have been killed to prevent people from leaving their homes to adopt them. We at DogFacePonia believe we should leave no pony or dog behind.

Americans with dual citizenship have tried to leave to no avail. But Men at Work a group of secret heroes including Kirk Cameron are trying to help those left behind. Can you hear the Thunder? They are concerned that these Americans will become shrimp on someone’s barby. They are disguising their helicopters and repelling into the outback. 

Crikey, we must leave no American behind at least not in Australia. These former seal team members are receiving some assistance from the locals on blending in. They have promised SIV visas to their translators and people who provided safe passage. Assistance is limited after the USA abandoned translators who helped us in Afghanistan. The team members brought high tech US boomerangs which they left behind. News reports say the huge caches of boomerangs won’t come back.

After Australia banned guns, knives and walkabouts, Crocodile Dundee also is seeking asylum in the USA.

American bases in Japan and South Korea have refused to allow helicopters or planes to land. Fox News said it had received an e-mail stating that the U.S. State Department officially refused to approve the landing of private aircraft taking off from Australia at U.S. military bases in a third country. There is no overland exit from Australia which is surrounded by water.

We at DogFacePonia have offered to resettle these forgotten Americans and Australian refugees. We also want to help rescue ponies and dogs. Those Left Behind in Australia face a truly totalitarian government and crocodiles.

Image From: “Collection of Aboriginal tools and weapo” (Public Domain) by South Australian History Network