Liberalism is a Mental Disorder Beware of it’s Variants

Coffee cup with Liberalism is a Mental Disorder End the Left Written on it.

There is a very serious condition spreading that has many variants. No I am not talking about COVID. I am talking about Liberalism. A Typical variant of Liberalism will choose a catchy name and try to make them sound good. The reality is the name is typically a fallacy or complete antithesis to the actual agenda. Below are some terrible Variants to watch out for.

Democrats – This is probably the most obvious. They call themselves Democrats but do not have anything to do with Democracy. Instead, they want to shove their views down your throat. In Plato’s Republic, he asked “Does not tyranny spring from democracy”. We disagree, instead, it seems it springs from Democrats.

Socialists – Socialism sounds ok. Be social with your friends and share some drinks or dinner. But again in the warped liberal universe, this means you work and they don’t have to. It sure sounds anti-social to me. Imagine going out to dinner and being social and the other guy stiffs you with the bill. That is socialism, my friend.

Progressives – This sounds kind of great, right? Moving Forward … making Progress. This could be all about cool science saving the world with technology and flying to the moon. Alas, this is not the Party of Elon Musk. It’s the opposite of progress. After 10,000 years, if humanity has figured out 1 thing it is that boys are boys and girls are girls. The progressives have unfigured this out in the name of Progress.

Communists – a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably. There is definitely withering going on.

BLM – “Black Lives Matter” This is the ultimate in “of course we agree with the slogan” but the group is promoting nothing of the kind. Black Lives Matter should be informing children to not resist arrest, oh and to help out all black people. Instead, those running the “charity” are buying houses and donating to Joe Biden’s campaign. Biden is literally the most racist president in the last 50 years. He is friends with the KKK saying he didn’t want his kids in a racial jungle. His Crime Bill amped up the police, probably leading to today’s problems … so yeah.

MLB – Just BLM backward right. Major League Baseball used to be America’s pastime. Now is a wing of the Democratic party hell-bent on ending all future fair elections.

NBA– I am Lebron James. I make millions of dollars but I am going to lecture you on Income inequity. umm changing the channel.

Antifa– short for Anti-Facist and yet this is the most Fascist group I can think of outside of the SS. It’s like they all read Mein Kopf for ideas. Maybe Antifa is really Anti-Fashion have you seen the way these idiots dress?

Coke Drinkers – Coke Drinkers and employees. Coke the most openly racist company in the United States wants to lecture people. Be Less White. We say drink less Coke or hopefully no Coke. Not to mention these bastards cancelled Tab a known cure for COVID. They hate all of us due to the color of our skin.

Dead People – They seem harmless right? I mean they are dead. Liberals found a way to ruin this party too. Nobody gets to rest in peace the Democrats make them vote in every election.

Liberals have many different names for themselves and each of these carries their special hypocrisies. We at Dogfaceponia are working to avoid any of these infections. Unfortunately, masks do not seem to help.

Image From: “end the left” travel mug” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by shoehorn99