How to take Lebron down in 10 Seconds


Dogfaceponia is always on board when a truly dangerous person calls out a pampered media giant. So, the Fight between UFC Champion Colby Covington and Lebron James appears to be only a virtual fight.

Lebron said, “A real fight, I have white fans(slaves) for that sh*t! Do you know how much money I make off you jokers.”

Covington said, “The Silent Majority is ready to make some noise.”

“Landside” is the Covington prediction for Trump, as he dedicated his fight to all first responders, and military that keep the world safe.

Lebron said, “Kill the Police in cold blood, watch me not care, and give no reward to support it.”

Covington said, “Fight me anytime. I will give you blood in ten seconds”

Lebron then said, “In ten seconds the police will be here to arrest you.”

Some others are giving ideas on how to they could drop Lebron in 10 seconds.

  • Charles Barkley “We will just Tell him Jordan is the GOAT and he will just start crying in 10 seconds”
  • 12 year old former NBA fan: “Just play the National Anthem he will drop to his knees in less than 10 seconds”
  • Dirk Nowitzki: “Just talk about the 2011 NBA Finals for 10 seconds”
  • Nicholas Sandmann (from Covington High School): I will just wear my MAGA hat and stare him down for 10 Seconds.
  • Police: Pepper Spray, Taser

Scared in the corner as social workers arrived, KING Lebron James cowered afraid of everything, blaming even white paper for not winning another MVP. Reports say that Covington was released and Lebron was entered into a facility to help him adjust to life. Details of the rehabilitation center are unknown, though rumor has it they specialize in Trump-Derangement-Syndrome. Some claim this syndrome may even make Biden President, but we know our medical professionals would never lead us astray.

In Dogfaceponia, we did hear that KING LeBron is upset he did not win the MVP. However, rumor has is it people are upset about how the NBA (National Bigot Association) has made the choice to offend DogFacePony SOLDIERS. These soldiers give their lives to keep us a free nation. These soldiers are upset, and the ratings are showing it. The belief is these brave men and women who gave everything for freedom, might matter, and #FreedomMatters too. These are complex times and it is hard to know which HASH tag matters. (#dogfaceponia, in case you did not know)

In the end, #AllLivesMatters so Lebron may want to stay in front of the camera and avoid FANTASY like winning a fight in any form with Covington. The battle will rage on as morons watch CNN and likely ignore facts and what is really happening (like Hunter Biden getting 3.5 million from a Russian Human Trafficking Ring). We still know rich entitled losers like Lebron will lose to champions like Covington when we use the scientific method…

Biden = Weak = LeBron

Trump = Strong = Dirk Nowitzki = Covington

This is the Fourth Debate we all want… LeBron v Covington

Image From: “2011 NBA Finals (Heat-Mavericks)” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by RMTip21