Biden Infrastructure Killswitch

Exploding Car Sign

Biden’s Infrastructure plan has a lot of stuff in there. In tried and true fashion, they wanted to pass the bill to see what is in it. Send your thank you note to Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney for helping push this Trillion Dollar monstrosity on us all. In true Washington fashion they passed it to find out what was in it.

There is a lot of questionable stuff in here but are we surprised? Elon Musk, already one of the richest men on Earth, and China should make a lot of money on EV Vehicles. Thanks US Tax payers for bailing them out. Probably the most dangerous item in the plan is the killswitch which will be required in all cars in 5 years.

What is a Killswitch? The “safety” device must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” So passively monitor switch will just shut the engine off when it detects you are not driving the way it likes? It was short on details which is the bureaucratic way. This will leave a lot of room for the Department of Transportation and Law Enforcement to make things significantly less safe.

The Media will tell you “This is great. It will help protect from drunk drivers.” Wahoo you will have less Drunk Driving !!!

What could possibly go wrong with a Killswitch.

  • Bad Drivers – Many people I know drive like they are drunk when they are sober. I don’t want to name names but I typically cross my self and say a prayer when I get in the car. Now the killswitch can just arbitrarily say you suck at driving and turn you off.
  • Going too Fast – Are you speeding? Guess what, killswitch that car. Bam! This won’t cause a crash or anything when your car just shuts itself off at 75 mph. Now if you die, they won’t blame the killswitch, they will blame you for speeding.
  • Driving in the middle of nowhere – Maybe you are in Montana and a deer runs in front of your car. You swerve to avoid and bam killswitch. You are stranded and when will it come back on?
  • Speaking of getting your vehicle turned on again – Have you ever been to the DMV or dealt with law enforcement? It’s not exactly easy to get them to help you out with this sort of thing. You want your car unkilled? Pay this fine and wait in line or vice versa. Maybe talk to a judge. Did you pay your parking tickets and speeding tickets yet? Sounds a bit like debtors car prison. Remember to wear a mask!
  • Vaccinate your Car – Is your car old? Well you will soon want to retrofit it with a killswitch. That way you too can have the joys of your car being turned off at will by the government. You want a classic car exemption, those are no longer recognized and they won’t give you a new registration without proof.
  • Speaking of Vaccination – This is what they really want. Now they can just killswitch your car if you are not vaccinated. You can’t go to work? Lost Your Job? Well you should have gotten vaccinated. Pay your taxes or killswitch, Vote for Liberals or Killswitch. How about election day, our bad, we just killswitched all the Conservatives.
  • Hacking your car – It is possible that right now cars could be hacked as many have internet connections. This is like a whole new level. China could have fun hacking all our cars and just killswitching them.
  • Climate Control – As a result of the epic danger that climate control is, congress will killswitch your car so you can no longer use gasoline. Problem solved.

Before we get to the whole “they would never do that”, just look around they were never gonna have vaccine mandates either. We at DogFacePonia are just excited that our highways will be less racist. Exploding cars are now infrastructure. Really what isn’t infrastructure? Can killswitches for ponies be far off?

No Exploding Cars” (CC BY 2.0) by psd